Wednesday, April 29, 2009

$500 fundraising goal reached in 2 days!

So I set out to see if I could raise $500 in a day via social media, primarily FaceBook. After one day, I was 60% there. I posted about 3 times during the day to keep the posts fresh so people could see it. Today, I decided that I would try to get the remaining $200. My ask each day was for 50 people to step up and contribute $10 each. Yesterday started out promising with the first two people going above $10, with a $25 contribution each. This was then followed by a $250 contribution which got me to $300. Today, also started with someone going above the $10 mark with $25. After a $10 contribution from another friend, I up'd the ante by declaring a $10 match for the next 18 people who would contribute $10. I then got a contribution for $180 followed by another contribution of $60 and another for $20.

Here is the lesson I learned. Not everyone is going to donate, maybe it is not the right time or the right cause for them. However, the power of giving is huge even in these economic times. I made $590 in less than 2 days and if I throw in my $30 in matches, that is $620.

Don't underestimate the willingness of people to support a great cause!

FaceBooking for donations

So yesterday, I tried to "Dial for Dollars" using social media as a medium. I tried to raise $500 in one day for the San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day. I feel I was largely successful as I made 60% of my goal, bringing in $300. I will continue my donation drive today by posting another request on FB as well as Twitter. I hope to get to $500 by then end of the week.

Another idea I will be trying in the near future is auctioning off some things on FB to see if I can raise even more money.

If you want to help me reach my $500 mark for this week, click on the DONATE icon on the right!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looking to raise $500 today

Today I had to write a check to a colleague who is battling breast cancer. The team decided that it would be helpful to get her cleaning services for her and family of 5. What irked me so much is that we should be in a place where the checks we are writing to each other are for Christmas presents or birthdays.

So today, I posted on FaceBook to see if I can raise $500 today. Please help me reach this goal by clicking on the link or the DONATE image on the right of my blog!

Breast Cancer stops for no one...let's stop Breast Cancer!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is this your time to make a difference?

Now more than ever, worthy causes need people to participate to make a difference in this world. That's why doing something to stop breast cancer is such an important cause for people to show up and make a difference. As I have blogged before, breast cancer doesn't stop because there is a recession. Men and women alike can be susceptible. There is always room for more awareness.

If you have heard about The Breast Cancer 3-Day, you may have heard how much of an impact the participants make with the millions of dollars raised. Well, I want to let you know that a set of those participants are the crew volunteers that help make the event run smoothly. It is a weekend full of camaraderie and team building that create permanent friendships, all while advancing the cause to stop breast cancer.

So if you have been wondering where you can fit in to make a difference in this world, consider volunteering for a crew team on The Breast Cancer 3-Day. It's the toughest job you'll ever love! Click on the link(s) below if you would like to join my team. Join by April 24 and receive a discount off your registration by entering TEAMS09 in the promo code.

San Diego

San Francisco

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crewing is important, but so is fundraising

While the 3-Day season doesn't kick off for a few more months, there is an important topic that is under served by crew. We should fund raise! Yes, I said it. We should be raising money to support the event. I understand that we dedicate our time and commit to supporting walkers for 4 days. However, don't let the fact that there is not a $2,200 minimum stop you from raising money. Every dollar that you raise as a crew member helps to offset the cost it takes to feed you, track you, house you, and shower you (unless you don't take a shower all 4 days). If you add the fact that many of you got a discount for registering, it should be even more important to fund raise.

It doesn't take much to ask for a few dollars here and there. Ask folks to give up one month of their bad habit, like Starbucks. Add the fact that many companies match funds! You can easily turn $100 into $200. If you are out of ideas on how to raise money, ask your local CVC or even your captain. Some neat ideas I have heard in the last few weeks are sponsored dinners where portion of the proceeds are donated by the restaurant, quilts for sale that go to fund raising, garage sales where the monies raised are donated to the cause.

Not to brag, but to date, I have $2,500 in the bank for 3-Day. All I did was ask my company. Imagine what you could do if you just asked. The worst you get is "no."

Remember, in bad times, charitable institutions hurt more than in good times. People forget that there are still valid reasons to continue supporting worthy causes. Let us remind them that cancer doesn't stop just because there is a recession. Go out and get a $1 today. Tomorrow try for $2. Soon you'll get to $3. More often than not, you will end up with more than that.