Friday, December 24, 2010

A Time for Reflection

Wow, we are about to close the books on 2010. As I take a moment to stop and reflect, I find myself in awe of how fast the year went by, how much was accomplished, and how much still needs to be done. A quick self-reflection, I find that I am a horrible blogger. Most avid bloggers fill the internet space with frequent updates about events, experiences, and the happenings in the world. I went through 2 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure events and completely forgot to blog. In my defense, I did post many times to Facebook during events.

So, have I learned anything this year? The answer is a resounding, YES! I constantly strive for improvement in some form or fashion. This year, it was the year where I wanted to practice patience and being even keel. I have realized that as a leader, the more people you lead, the more even keel you must be in order to prevail and appeal to the majority of whom you lead. To look back upon personas like Howard Dean who effectively destroyed his presidential hopes with one cowboy outcry, it is easy to see how the mass can move a ship in a different direction. To lead with confidence but exude patience can have an amazing effect on people and help you get to where you are going.

What else did I learn? Well, I learned more about my friends this year, especially my 3-Day friends. I made new friends on event as well as reconnected with old friends. More relishing were the moments with my Ka'nunu Ohana, both on and off the 3-Day field. What's great to know is that more often than not, the people you meet on 3-Day that you take time to get to know, can easily become your friend for life. And yes, it's a little cheesy, but if you take time to invest in people, the ones worth friending are truly a blessing in your life.

It's truly been a busy least for me, but the learning I have each year, which really is just a reminder, is that all the things I do are really a means to an end. Because in the end, I always remember that there are only really 3 things I care about in life...Family, Friends, and an end to breast cancer.

So for what probably will be my final post for the year, I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy holidays and a prosperous new year. May 2011 bring you health and happiness.