Thursday, November 12, 2009

San Diego Camp Logistics are FUNDRAISING ANIMALS!

As captain of the Camp Logistics team in San Diego since 2005, I constantly look for challenges to present to the team. Typically, we find more activities during event to take charge of and own. This year, I wanted to try and challenge the team in a different way and so far, the results have been truly amazing. It was a little more than 2 months ago, I got together with a few people on my team interested in helping out on fundraising ideas. What came out of those meetings were 2 ideas. First, was a hosted event at the Miami Grille at UTC in San Diego (see older posts). Our first foray into public fundraising events turned out to be a great experience not to mention raising a nice chunk of change. The second idea was just a pure and simple raffle which for a mere $5, people could get a chance to win an iPod Nano.

This is where I really think the team has shined. Starting on November 3rd, I asked the team to participate and a few people stepped up. In less than 2 days, the raffle already raised $500. Six days later, the raffle is now posed to break $1,500!
Now here is the truly amazing piece, the raffle has sparked others on the team to fundraise and to do so even without the use of the raffle. When I first signed up for 2009, I set a team fundraising goal of $5,000. By mid-year, we were so close to that, I up'd it to $10,000. In the last few days, I bumped it to $15,000 and I am ecstatic to write that we are on the verge of breaking $16,000, needing only $44 more.

It is so encouraging to see people rally together for something truly needed, especially in times where people are closely watching their wallets. I am so proud to be associated with such a fine group of people who have not only raised over $15,000, but have yet to show their greatest contribution on the field at the 3-Day San Diego starting on November 19 and through the weekend!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fundraiser at Miami Grille, UTC, San Diego, fetches just over $1,000

On October 17, a handful of Camp Logistics crew from San Diego held their first fundraiser event in a public forum. Starting in the 4pm hour, the crew fanned out at UTC in San Diego to let people know that Miami Grille was donating proceeds of certain menu items to the Camp Logistics team. Friends, family, and coworkers, were invited by the Camp Logistics crew the week before. The event turned out to be a great first foray into fundraising. Thanks to Miami Grille for putting up proceeds from 4 menu items. Even the salsa dance instructor got in on the action, donating money collected from salsa lessons at Miami Grille to the Camp Logistics crew.During the night, customers enjoyed the specific food items and raffle drawings just about every 1/2 hour. Prizes ranged from hair treatments to fishing trips and included some iPods as well! One of the lucky winners of an iTouch was a Miami Grille employee who bought a few tickets! The night wound down with some final drawings and an uptick in the salsa dancing. Fun was had by all and most importantly, the crew raised just over $1,000 in donated proceeds and raffle drawings! The Camp Logistics team overall has raised over $12k and is still working hard to bring in more money for breast cancer research, awareness, and prevention. The San Diego crew in general has already reached $95k in donations and the event is still 3 weeks away. This year, the 3-Day San Diego will start on November 20.