Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Creative in Raising Money to Fight Breast Cancer

Okay, so in the old days, I go door-to-door. A few years ago, I blast emails to a large distribution list. I have Facebooked for donations. Today, I took it one more level! I am currently vacationing in Hawaii and decided that since I am playing golf, why not see if anyone will help me raise money while I golf. So I posted on Facebook the fact that I am golfing and asked for people to donate $5 for every PAR I got. I am about a 14 handicap and usually shoot in the mid-80s. That's about 4-5 pars. Well, on short notice, I did manage to get someone to sponsor me. By the end of the round, I managed an 86 and got 6 pars! This has given me some other ideas for the rest of my vacation. Wonder what I could do for birdies!