Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What it means to crew

You signed up to crew. You went to a couple meetings. You came to Crew Day. Now the event is here. Whether you are a camp crew or a road crew member, a first timer or tenth timer, do you ever ask yourself why you crew?
You look at the walkers. You figure, they are walking for their mom, their daughter, their aunt, or for themselves. They raised $2,200 to walk their victory march, a 60-mile journey to let the world know that another voice has stepped up to cancer. Yet, you still might wonder why crew comes to work.

The reasons are the same. We crew to support the walkers, to enable their successful victory march. We crew to show our voice to cancer that we will fight the fight. Cancer will not go away. It is a dormant enemy lying wait within our bodies. Whether that dormancy turns to activity depends on many factors. However, our fight is the fight to keep that cancer from every spreading its wings within our bodies.
So my message is simple. Crewing means we leave our differences at home. We tell ourselves that no matter what happens on event, we will remain vigilant to the cause. Will there be challenging moments? Yes. However, we must remember that our focus is on the experience of the walkers. If we are to help continue Komen’s mission, we must execute the event with seamlessness. Walkers should never have to perceive that there is a problem. If I was never thanked again by a walker because I became invisible, then I have truly done my job.