Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3-Day is around the corner

So 3-Day season ended last November, but it is almost April and as Captains, we are already planning for this year. Numbers are down, which is probably due to the economy, but let's face it, CANCER doesn't stop, just because we take a break.

I highly encourage everyone who has been touched by breast cancer to do something today to help increase awareness, research for prevention, and medicines so that another person doesn't have to suffer through this horrible disease.

This year, I am doing another 2 events. I tried to go for 3, but it's just not in the cards this year. You will find me in San Francisco which will be October 2-4, and I will be in San Diego which is November 27-29. This year will prove interesting as I hope to take on additional responsibility for the event!

To all you captains out there in 14 cities across the nation, please get your crews involved and involved early! We need to build momentum now all the way up to event. Remind your crews that service to the event goes above all else including oneself!

If anyone has questions about event, you can find information on the Captains forum on Facebook or just hit me up directly!