Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meeting the Crew Series

With 3-Day SF Bay Area just around the corner, our FaceBook page will start profiling members of the Camp Logistics team. Check out our page and become a fan. It's a place to learn about folks, get additional pics during and after event, and find out other neat things going on with Camp life! Go to

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life Should Mirror Camp Logistics

People often comment that life on the 3-Day is how life should be. Unfortunately, when Monday rolls around, we forget some of the awful stuff we left behind the Thursday before. However, I think as crew, we should all mirror our 3-Day lives in the real world. Take for example, Camp Logistics. I think this should look and does resemble my life in reality. You drop in to work hard in order to positively change the lives of many people. Sometimes, it's smooth running and other times it's organized chaos. However, in the end, we wrap it all up and leave the place better than we found it. Life should be like that as well. I want to be able to look back or have others reflect on behalf that when I was alive, I worked hard to make a positive impact on loved ones, friends, and the people I associated with. I won't have always been perfect. And when I pass to a better place...I want to go knowing and feeling that the world was just a little better because I did something about it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

You can almost determine someone's character on 3-Day by how they fundraise

I'm often reminded in real life how people demonstrate their character towards each other and I am always comparing that to the character I witness on 3-Day. I once heard and now paraphrase that we ultimately see a person's character when they are challenged. Do they lash out? Complain? Wallow in the challenge? OR do they step up and demonstrate a commitment to meet that challenge in the eye and put every ounce of effort to accomplishing the goal? I have seen people with amazing character on event and then I have seen people with so-so or lackluster character as well.

As a crew captain, I have the privilege of encouraging my team to fundraise and over the last eight plus years, I have started to formulate a hypothesis that the level of commitment, engagement, and character demonstrated on 3-Day can be correlated and determined by the corresponding level of funds raised.

For example, in my experience and reflecting back, the folks on my team who have raised $0 for event typically showed a less than desirable level of commitment on event. Furthermore, these folks also included whiners, complainers, and challengers to authority. They were often late to meetings on event, late to rise in the morning, and could not be found when needed. Worst of all, these folks would have an excuse for everything. "Fund raising is not a requirement for crew." "Why do we have to help them?"

On the contrary, the people who raise a significant amount of money (~$300 or more) had high levels of commitment. They were the first to agree to pitch in. They participated in fund raising events. Most importantly, during event, they remained highly engaged and open to anything.

Now there are some responsibilities incumbent upon the captain. First, you must lead by example. Don't expect things from your crew if you will not do the same. Second, you have to engage the team and fire them up. Remind them that this is a fund raising event. While crew is not required to fund raising, you can easily position the fact that it costs money to run the event and for every dollar raised by crew, it helps offset event expenses. Third, reach out to the newbies who have never crewed or walked before. You may find several diamonds in the rough who just need the help to jump start their fundraising. Finally, put forth some challenges to your crew. Start a friendly competition with other crews or provide incentives to your top fund raisers.
Challenging your crew will give you leading indicators as to how they will perform on event.

My final thought. You won't be successful in getting all your crew to be superstars. You can't inspire someone who isn't passionate about what they are doing.

Share your thoughts and observations. I can always use reference points and other ideas!